Saturday, May 2, 2009

Customer Service or IS IT????

IN India, the term ‘customer service’ takes a whole new definition.

Dare to ask…..

I ll tell u anyways

I dont know why they call themselves so , but these telephone customer service executives.. to be precise BSNL, take it to another level.. And whenever you call them u come out feeling like shit, frustrated and pissed to the core.

To start off, the annoying automated answering machine goes off and in that horrible accent she says “ For English press 1, for Hindi press 2 and for Telugu press 3. “

Once u press 1 for English the call goes on hold for 15 minutes and the lady comes on saying something in Telugu.. Instead of taking down my complain, she asks me to speak in Telugu. I don’t know that language dude!!!!!!!! That is why I pressed 1 for English. Isn' t that common sense.. or what? Why the hell did u waste my time in the first place with that stupid selection menu. My hears hurt by now!!!!!

Then she puts me on hold for another 5 min and another chap comes on line saying something in Telugu. This soul does not know a word of English. He goes off for another ten minutes and calls another guy who speaks in very broken English and by the time I m done explaining him my problem he says ‘Telugu madam’


By this time, the content of my complain has changed. I wanna talk to their supervisor and get some English speaking customer service executives or whatever they call themselves!!!!!!!! I don’t care about my damn telephone service.

P.S. None of them spoke in Hindi either…