Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What it means when they say

Ok its been a while since i have posted anything.... no no no, its definitely not AIDS... so here's my story.. read , enjoy and then start sympathizing me....

So my internet connection was afflicted with some problem... and then when that got fixed my hard drive started giving trouble.... so we thought that the best option was to call the network admin and other computer people, whatever u call them and have them fix the problem..

They said they will definintely fix it soon and their soon hasnt happenend till date..... so i am writing this post amid numerous 'windows closings'.... whatever that meant.....

so this is what i think people mean when they say

i ll do it just now... ............... lemme get out of here for now and not return

i ll come back within an hour.................i need to get away from here for now so i can watch my fav serial

i ll definitely be back tomorrow.. ..... he he he he .. tomorrow never comes..... i conned u...

it will take a weeks time ...............get lost man, your shit (problem) is boring.... im gonna go find some real losers and get back to u next month... in betweeen call my company a hundred times so u lose more money looooooooooser

I ll be back next month since we need some supplies to fix ur stuff.........I aint coming back dude.. u suck.....

And finally when they actually arrive....... we have to give them five star treatment, a red carpet welcome and all they say is mam i had AIDS..... i too was busy....lot of places to go.... so now Hmmmm to fix ur shit.... i have to come back next time................



  1. That was hilarious and true...
    The I'll come back tomorrow part, which is why I keep their numbers and keep calling them until eternity or until they arrive...whichever comes first.

  2. Sujoy Bhattacharjee : Doesnt that really piss u offf... true... its like eternity...

  3. lol :)

    But good to see u back :)

  4. Very indeed n true..
    must say this is the real fact..
    which u hv written beuti.....

    lols :)

  5. hahaha...so true!!!

    i do dat wid my boss...shhhh ;)

  6. :):)
    (what i say) cheer up :) such is life:)
    (what i mean) come on, workhard..at least u have a system in this country of 1 billion where the rest 999 millions have no drinking water!

  7. oi.. hardy...
    oooff.. pissing stuff..

  8. oh what happened to my comment? must have forgotten to click! I wanted to say here that I too follow Sujoy's style. i keep after them till they say ohh let us get rid of this man. and come and do the job!

  9. hmm u mentioned aids twice...
    ive never had someone use AIDS as an excuse to delay work before, u do meet interesting people dont u

  10. Hi pallav.. im glad u share my frustration...

    Mayz: LOL, u do that wid ur boss???

    Vinnie: Ouch!!!!!!!!

    Vijayshryaln : Tell me about it.....

  11. ShantanuDas Dont know how i missed ur comment... i was kinda waiting for ur humble opinion;) But i really dont know how u succeed in doing that.. i try .. and they keep delaying even more

  12. Raghav: For AIDS, u gotta read my previous post....

  13. Well....Shit happens u know. Wot to do..we Indians r like that only. Lol.

    But if u think of the +ve, and not necessarily AIDS, U actually , finally WROTE ur woe and let us all know. We all sympathise with u. :-)

  14. Hey Anand.. Thanks for sympathizing with me.. but no no no ... u got me wrong on the aids part... u gotta read my previous post.. it means something else;)

  15. hi workhard.. I have lots of time on the PC [because I am a IT man]... . plus you are in the morning of your life and I am in my late afternoon.. so you see I now have more time at my sweet disposal ..:-) .. btw i thot I will say a bit about my age now itself because someone is spreading a rumour about me being old [whch I am but I like to talk to all ages] ...and stalking young girls. on her followers' blogs ...siggh..

    bbye now.. keep posting.... & since you said you like to see places-- a new picture is on my blog now u may like the place...

  16. Vijayshryaln : Thats just a term people use, it means i totally agree with u...

  17. ShantanuDas : Heyyyy, is this the comment... im just so bad at this computer stuff... exactly opposite of IT guys...U stalk young girls???? LOL.....

    Im definitely going to drop by your blog....;)

  18. this AIDS thing is really spread wide all over our country.
    nice to have you back.

  19. Haha... So true..! I make sure I give them a huge thrashing whenever they do come by for fixing the connection up. Idiots!

  20. Hey LGL... thanks for visitng..

    Satans Darling.. Hi Girl....i trried to to that once.. the guy got agitated and then left saying it cannot be fixed....Was planning on visiting ur blog very soon... i guess i am getting influenced by this AIDSS thingy

  21. Hey Workhard..............First I gotta know ur name. Wot is it??
    And yea, office is fun sometimes.

    U know she actually DID dump him. lol. And now I'm hiding under desks frm her. Haha.
    U think I shud..really?

  22. Welll... if u not commited and u really like her.. then u should.... im still laughing... u rule....

  23. Hey Saara.....solid pretty name, I must say.

    Do I like her?? Well...She's very pretty. Gorgeous infact. Nahh but I'm not attatched. Wot u tryin to say??

  24. Oh and I dont rule ya.Ur too generous with ur comment and compliment, really. Thank u so so much. I cant help but blush. Lol.

    I jus try to write a bit. Glad u liked it though. :-)

  25. I really liked ur writing anand.. it did brighten up my day and now im laughing...:)

  26. Ur a regular matchmaker, arent u??? How damn sweet ya.
    I'm not seeing anyone currently. And I'm not attatched to her either. Not yet atleast. Hee.

    U think we mite hit it off?? Shucks man...I can't get over the feeling how much u must care for ur friends, don't u??

  27. Anand.. im single and horrible at match making.. i just give horrible ideas.. sometimes they seem to work though...

  28. Oyeee...Dont ask the devil himself wt he wants. U mite regret it u know.. wink. R u n Gtalk by any chance???

  29. hehhehe gone for one hour? must be watching their fav serial !!!!

    how observant ! :P :D

  30. I'll try 2 be truthful : Hey thanks for dropping by... welcome here..

  31. Someone sure is going *tilt* thanks to frustrations! C'est la vie, sadly... Hope your problems have been sorted now!

    And I must thank you for stopping by, ma'am. I appreciate your time to read and leave those kind words.

    Hope to see you more often.

    And yes, waiting to see your attempt(s) at poetry, too. :)


  32. Hi Kartz: Yes.. they came back and they finally fixed it.. but really didnt do such a great job..i might have to call them again.. but not now....:)

    i will definitely drop by ur blog ..

    im too skeptical about poetry though ;)

  33. Dont remind me abt these guys!!! I too keep their numbers and keep calling them. But sometimes even that doesnt work! My microwave which conked off in aug-08 is STILL undergoing repair!!!!! CAN YOU BEAT THAT???

  34. @SGD.. Ouch.. thats almost a year.. really u cant beat that.. and after a while u just give up.. Thats exactly what happened to my dad's laptop.. it needed repair and for the past month its just sitting like that.. But really.. nothing can beat ur microwave repair

  35. such things suck..and i can't take it...

  36. Blog abt it and u just might have a good experience...that's wht happened to me!


  37. And they say karlo duniya mutti mein....

  38. Priya Joyce: really those things wd piss anyone off..

    Imp's Mom : I dont know if i ll have any experience.. but this atleast helps me went out ma frustrations and kinda relieving to know a lot of people experience the same..
    Welcome here babes:)

    ...nIShAntH...Those are just marketing gimmicks.. thanks for dropping by buddy

  39. that was really hilarious sweety!!!

  40. Hey Aruna.. im glad u liked it sweets..

  41. Heh heh! A handy list of excuses i must say..Thank you for adding to my arsenal :)

    oh the AIDS bit i was taken aback at first but i read the AIDS post and it was all clear :)

  42. hahaha...i think this was referring to those computer repair people...once they start to come to your place for repairs they never stop...it's going to be an everlasting problem...

  43. aaah great...now some network admin shud read this...and they will nod their head in silent agreement :P

  44. Your very right these guys respond like this...so the only solution to this is that just be after them...keep calling them as then only they fix your prb.

    Nice...giving AIDS a different meaning..lol!!

    take care

  45. IST
    indian stretchable time You know..

  46. Nice post and very true!!!! I keep bugging those guys till my work is done..do that and it works :)

  47. Sigh...here too andy boy has left his mouth prints all over??? Shucks man that guy is around everywhere...lolz

    Hey u would be glad to know that I am AIDS negative....I have loads of free time as you can see by the comments I post everywhere. I can talk on the mobile and at the same time cook and type comments..weird species I know but what the hell am AIDS negative...feels good for that

    Hey Saara let's team up again; it was so much fun.
    Will be on ur blog regularly coz blogrolled u

  48. DPhat: welcome here.. glad u clear on Aids, true a lot of people freak out on that

    Indian John Doe : how true.. and the funny thing is they are really prompt when its time to come collect cash...

    Praveen : How true.. and then theyd have a secret heart attack too.. if u know any.. please do forward this post.. and thanks for dropping by...

    Nazish Rahman: thanks u enjoy the post.. visit again dear

    Roni: IST.. that was hilarious dude.. really.. i liked it...and im gonna steal ur idea now..

    Tanaya : True right girl.. it gets sooo frustrating

    You all more than welcome here.. do visit again

  49. @ Sakshi.. Hey SEXY baby.... so glad u dropped by.. Thats how i ended up on Andys blog LOL...

    Well more than glad to know that u AIDS.. Haha.. we can scheme now and then u have enough time to master mind evil plans

    And u good in implememting tooo girl..

    I ll drop by occassionally and ignite the fires..LOL

    Im gonna visit u soon and blogroll u too.. v have enough places to plot.. I love the girl gang.. we surely will.. wait till his new post comes out...

  50. Well they really are busy people you know :)

  51. Hmm..you have an interesting blog..thanks for visiting me and leaving your comments.

  52. hi,

    thanks for visiting my blog, you dont write poetry i can note it. and i am kind of prude when it comes to contents of my blog.

    any way thanks a lot for the visit.

    I am not much in lighthearted chit chats, you seem to have a house full of party people and the type of grooming i am looking for in my works seems to be not applicable for us. :(

    best of luck for your party.
    thanks for the visit.

  53. I read your post, first I found it hilarious but then I realize that actually she is true. i mean people play with your time and then makes some idiotic excuses for there dumbness.. i hate those kind of peoples how never take other seriously ..
    In-between, i liked the way you write. And of-course thanks for stopping by my place... :)
    Hope to see you again..!

  54. lvs: u welcome here ..my xyz they are busy people!!!!

    pseudo intellectual: Its funny the way u mentioned it.. cause thats exactly wht they say

    Bharti: Thanks.. and do visit again

    thoughts : thank u mr thoughts. if u think this is a party, i might have to direct u to another blog.. but im planning on working on my Haikus..

    Gaurav : Im glad a lot of people share my agony.. although im not a saddist, but kinda relieving.. dont they piss u off. and theres a list of them u know.. they like Bill Gates...
    DO come back again

  55. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading the posts... I will try to do better, for sure...

    Keep visiting and keep commenting... your comments mean lot!!

  56. this is all soo true,i went thru this shit so many times, quite annoying sometimes.

  57. hmmm.... thats true and really irritating situation...
    Thanks for visiting my blog... will keep in touch...

  58. Hi Tan.. u welcome here

    Aruna sweetie.. do i have a lot of frustrating 'events' to share with u all.

    Deepika Gupta. U welcome here.. definitely will keep in touch..

  59. yeah eggjactly

    btw u sound or rather seem mor lyk a MAN

  60. visit my blog..



  61. Interesting paintings. I especially like the horses; you can see the wildness and the freedom in those beautiful animals.
    You should come to NY and sell them; people are very much into it. If you do have a gift for painting you can even make money by painting people’s portraits. Just a thought….:)
    And thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Best wishes!

  62. Yeah.that's true. It happened with me as well. I bought my laptop in feb. and there were some goodies along with the laptop to be delivered. After writing in and calling in 100times..they would just say..it will be delivered next week. The next week never comes. Finally, when i told them i have filed a case in consumer court and u would be received ur summons from the court soon..the very next week (in july) the goodie was delivered. So much for customer service.. uff

  63. Hilarious but true!!

    'I will get back to you' means 'I dont know. And I have no plans to know either'....

    This phrase is used at work frequently :-)

  64. that was really funny..n i forgot 2 say thanks for ur comments on mah blog...sooo thank u 4 ur comments n really the statements u wrote we often listen n use in our regular life..good observation'

  65. hi workhard
    thats a real good stuff... i enjoyed reading.

    thnx for visiting my blog and for ur nice comments


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