Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Picassssssso in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the past one month and a half, nothing seems to have really bothered me, got on my nerves or highly agitated me. I guess thats why no post.. and surprisingly nothing seems to bother me even now. Hmmmm I just wonder why..

And u know what? I find that really weird.

Maybe its my detox.. who knows

Anyways.. for good or for worse.. heres something for all you guys to see..

My art!!!

This is is something that has kept me busy for the past one year. It has been my childhood dream to paint like a famous artist and even better sell my artwork!!!!

Surprisingly for me.. i have sold all these.. and many more.. here are just a few of them...

Any kind of opinion or criticism is welcome...

Sorry for the awful pictures.. i guess i need some tutoring for that ;)


My first sale :)

The next three are a part of one set...


Hello kitty kitty kitty ..............


One of my favorites......


Gone for framing.....