Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Picassssssso in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the past one month and a half, nothing seems to have really bothered me, got on my nerves or highly agitated me. I guess thats why no post.. and surprisingly nothing seems to bother me even now. Hmmmm I just wonder why..

And u know what? I find that really weird.

Maybe its my detox.. who knows

Anyways.. for good or for worse.. heres something for all you guys to see..

My art!!!

This is is something that has kept me busy for the past one year. It has been my childhood dream to paint like a famous artist and even better sell my artwork!!!!

Surprisingly for me.. i have sold all these.. and many more.. here are just a few of them...

Any kind of opinion or criticism is welcome...

Sorry for the awful pictures.. i guess i need some tutoring for that ;)


My first sale :)

The next three are a part of one set...


Hello kitty kitty kitty ..............


One of my favorites......


Gone for framing.....


  1. splendid work Sweety.........really superb!!!!
    I loved ur first sale and ofcourse one of ur favourite art too.

  2. Hey Aruna Babes.. Thank you soo much...

    Yeah the first one has a lot of emotional value for me..

  3. workhard is very hard-working! u r a gifted woman n God bless u!

    hey i loved them..the girl's eyes r amazingly expressed...it had to be sold

    wild animals r a treat to the eye...the horse is magnificient..what else can i say??

    pls get them photographed from a professional n maintain an art journal online...pls

  4. Hi Vinnie.. thanx for the encouraging words.. Thats a nice tip.. will work on that..:)

  5. Hey, I agree word for word with Vinnie above. U need not be an artist to appreciate art.

    Wotever money u sold em for...Im sure they deserved a few lacks more.

    The tiger lying on his paws like its havin a kool massage and the horse lookin left like its admiring himself in the mirror are the best of them all. 100 / 100 on them frm me. :-)

  6. Hey Andy.. thanks a lot buddy.. that was really nice of u.. What a perspective.. a tiger having a massage.. talk about eye for art!!!!! :)

    Very encouraging words.. Thanks :)

  7. i have no eye for art...but ur first one caught me too....so keep paintingn hope to see ur exhibition lined up someday

  8. Who says u need tutoring...u rock babe....splendid paintings...wow u sure are talented....don't let ur talent go waste.....and keep writing too....

  9. Chidhood dream to paint like an artist??!!!
    Well, why did you ever want to dream abt somet hing while you already are!!!! ;)

    Loved the first painting, the most..
    Keep Painting, Girl.. :)

    Hmm and then abt your query.."bread" esp made with cereals always demand yeast rather than cooking soda..Yeast ferments the dough better, while cooking soda enhances the lightness in a ready made way..
    Exception to the banana bread where you've placed your lovely comment :)..its more of a cke rather than a bread :)

    So keep rocking...coz you are Truly Talented!!..Painting animals with lot of life as you've done, is def not an easy job!
    (I stick on to sceneries for the safer side) ;)

  10. Oh Wow! Ur really gifted Sara..

    loved ur first sale, the eyes... man that is one awesome work... and the calm and serene horse... that is beautiful :)

    I want an invite to ur exhibition!

  11. In search of... i m glad u like my work...:)

  12. Julez.. That is so nice of u .. and where have u been.. will keep wrting.. something has to bother me though..LOL

  13. Bharathy: So nice of you to drop by.. and ofcourse the really encouraging words you have for me ... Thank u ;)

    And yes.. i ve tried baking bread n number of times.. thats when i used to cook.. and most of the time.... my cooking experiments turned out to be a major disaster..LOL... and yes.. all my yeast breads use to flop..LOL

  14. Impiee... Thanks babe.. i feel soo good reading all these comments about my work.. really.... Hey that first one.. was one i was really depressed....has a lot of emotional value for me.. but its not wid me now..

    And definitely.. i ll invite u to my exhibition.. u guys will be my VIP guest.. seriously..:D

  15. My eyes are all on the first painting...really really awesome. And yup the wild horse kinda makes me stir...lol. All excellent and yup you need to photograph every single piece of your work before selling them off..

    Btw Andy and his imagination...shucks!! He is the one who needs a massage after all the kicks he has been enduring from G3...

  16. Hey Sakshi.. Im glad u like them girl.. yeah the first painting was when i was really really upset.. and i guess thats what about art u can put ur emotions down on canvas and let the world know...

    LOL... So true about andy...... hes already getting it at his blog... he needs to run away somewhere far from G3 to get his massage....

  17. gosh you are amazing. Superb paintings they all are!

  18. WhatsInAName : Oh my God.. its been forever since i ve heard from u.. whre u been..

    Thank you so much for appreciating my work..:)

  19. Ooof!! I don't know how come I am getting blogfriends who are either poets or artists!!!

    Too much for me!!
    But how can I not appreciate something well done?!!


  20. Hi.. Shantanu.. long time buddy..

    Poetry for me is a no-no..believe me i ve tried it .. even as simple as Haiku but didnt work for me..

    Painting.. yes.. thats my passion..

    Thanksfor dropping by.. and nice comments.:)

  21. oh my!!!
    all of them are awesome....they look so real!!!

    u seem more enclined painting wildlife than people, is it?? so noce to see that you are living ur dream:))

  22. Hey wishy.. thanks for dropping by hon..

    Animals are easier to paint.. i am working on ppl right now.. will take some time for me to get better but will definitely put it up once its done..

    Keep visiting babes

  23. hey budding picasso,

    I really liked the hey kitty kitty... so cute to bring on the endearing side of a tiger... all the best with painting people now... and do announce when is your next exhibition... may we can all drop in :)

  24. Hey Workhard!
    was just flipping through blog and stumbled upon yours... really great work!!

    *bows to you*

  25. lovely..amazing piece of work...your too good !!!

    the horse and the first one are the best!!!!

    u should hav kept them as your collection..thats what i think!!!

    your a great artist!!!!

  26. You are welcome workhard !! keep them flowing :-)

  27. hiiiiiii

    very nice bblog :)

    and the lion and esp the horses are very nice ..loved ur paintings..these mmust be oil on canvass?? hai naa?

    I too love sketching, although now I have started finding them silly as compared to urs !!

  28. God!! Damn gr8... love those n ya talent!!

  29. Hey tuna fish... i will definitely invite u...

    Butterfly: Thanks for dropping by.. and ur nice words

    Nazish Rahman: Thanks buddy.. yeah i should have but the first one was intended for me.. but it got taken away and the second one was an order....

  30. AS... Hey dont get discouraged.. honestly.. when i painted that lion.. it took me 5 drafts for it come out like that.. the first one looked like a dog with a mane...LOL.. so keep working on it

  31. Vijayshryaln : Hey thanx buddy...

  32. you have a lot of patience...coloring so much detail... good work..keep it up!!

  33. you are too good! You dont need any tutoring and all!! the first one is too good! so is the horse, your fav!!!

  34. Hi vetya and Thoorika.. Thanks for coming over.. and im glad u appreciate my work

  35. Emotions have been portrayed beautifully through the eyes of the human and the animals.

  36. WOW... Lady.. You got some talent!

    I loved the Lion and the Horse!

    Lovely work!!!!!!!

  37. Looks impressive...and the time well-spent.


  38. Your art is very well represented. I especially liked your last one.

    Kool Job.

  39. Uhha!! Its hard to comprehend the complete of my appreciation in words here, but let me try...

    The first one is undoubtedly the best!! Infact, the only poster I have in my room is something like that. Only a little darker, no clouds and a tear rolling down the right eye... I just lay back and listen to "sweet child o' mine' staring at it!! :)

    And the rest... WOW!! The Leopard should give you a ride on its back for all those pretty spots you rightly painted!! And maybe the Lion King will just let you walk through his den for showing his might so right!!

    The Horses too... amazing!!! Seriously, they're too darn good!! :D

    And I, for the little small pieces of art/craft I do, am never angry or frustrated with anything. For what you've done, you shouldn't be furious in this life-time!! maybe even more!!

    Keep the brushes wet... And hey, did you hang the first painting yet?? It must be a real treat for the mind more than the eyes!! :)

    Anyways, until later, see you when I see you... :D

  40. Saara- i've said it before and i'll say it again- you are an extremely talented person :)

  41. U are worse than me gal...buckle up and come and visit your own blog once in a while ok?? When is the next post due?? Put up a post about Andy no??

  42. Ohh plzzzz someone needs to tell Sexy and u listen up too....Im jus being soft on this and not kicking the buts of G3.
    Dont make me do it...u all.

  43. Heyy Sexy.......wassup??? Why a post on me??? Cuz Im assuming it's gonna be in the -ve for sure.
    Nahhhh.....Plzzzz..spare me..yea???? Ill be obliged.

  44. WHAT THE... Did u come here to challenge me Andy!!!!! Ur just being soft or loosing all the time.. u never even got close to kicking our Butts.. Thats just a fragment of your imagination....

    And Oh yeah..if i think of something evil, i might as well put up a post on u...

  45. Sexy: Thanks for awakening me hon.. yeah u could call me the worst blogger of this era..LOL... and now i think. i should just put up a post an evil one on Andy.. and i just might need G3s help

  46. HI...Little Girl.. thanks for boosting my confidence.. but i still suck at poetry....:)

  47. Usetty: Thanks for your opinion. Really apreciate it..

    Satans Darling and Nanda.. Im glad u appreciate my work.. Thanks a million..

    Pranav Kumar..Ur words are really something buddy.. makes me wanna pick up my brush and start painting

    I am working on a couple of pieces and when im done.. i ll definitely put it up here..

    Thanks u guys..

  48. Beautiful paintings !! Great blog..Thanks for sharing..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

  49. Hey Unseen Rajasthan, im glad u like my work and my blog..:)
    Thanks a lot...

  50. hii again

    again i cant stop my self from praising the painting of the lion u have made

    I really wish to achieve a level like urs !!

  51. Have a great hand...develop it :))


  52. Hi A S.. appreciate you saying that..

    I like the lion too..

    Hey keep practicing and u ll definitely get the hang of things..

  53. Hi Niv

    I hope to get better .. at it... hopefully some day..

    Thanks for ur nice words..

  54. Hey, Very cool paintings bro, Enjoyed!

  55. Your work is stunning! What is the medium you generally use?

  56. Hi Noor Mohammed..

    Thanks u like the painting.... sorry to disappoint you.. but id have to be ur sis...;)

  57. Hi arvindh..

    Thanks for dropping by buddy..
    Glad u like my work..

    I use oil on canvas...

    Currently i am working on 2 more pieces..

    Will put them up soon...

    keep visiting..

  58. lovely paintings.. have u gone to an art school or are u self taught??
    will come back again

  59. Hi.. JD.. Thanks for dropping by..

    NO i havent gone to any artschool yet.. I have done this on a trial and error method..Believe me..i have wasted so much canvas....But thats ok.. part of learning experience..

    Do come back.. I will be putting up some of my new paintings soon..

  60. hey you are a blooming artist...such nice paintings...i like the last one...the horse seems to have wilt untamable aura...
    thanks for visiting my blog...will keep in touch.

  61. Lovely paintings. Really amazing.

  62. Hey....now i should be telling you that you are an Artist:)
    lovely work!

  63. Wow... awesome paintings...!
    really nice.. :)

  64. Thanks Sangeeta.. will definitely been in touch.. Glad u liked my work..

  65. Ruchiraa : Thanks for the appreciation :)

  66. Hi Niraj..

    Im a wanna be artist.. LOL.. im an amateur.. in the process of trial and error..

    Thanks though..:)

    Keep visiting

  67. Thanks Abhi.. Glad u liked my work..

  68. hey! beautiful work!!! thanks for dropping by :)

  69. Had to scroll down quite a bit to reach here! Nice work. Loved the eyes the best. Thanks for passing by and leaving all those comments. Made my day!!! Keep visiting. TC

  70. my eyes behold greatness......[head bows.....hat off].....kudos....

  71. amazinnng...~~~ applause~~~ i wish i cud paint:(( beautiful..i loved that cheetah one n the lion one:)

  72. These are breathtakingly beautiful! You're so talented :)

  73. Hats off to ur talent dear! I luved luved luved those expressive eyes in the first one n the wild animals! Thanx for sharing!

  74. But this is absolutely awesome! The animals were looking so alive, as if they were leaping out of the canvas! Way to go!

  75. Awwwww....

    It's so wonderful! Loved each one of them...especially the Lion and your favourite horse :-) They are stunning!!!

    And thanks a lot for your wonderful visit. I'm happy I found your blog :-)

    wishes and prayers!


  77. oh wOw!
    these are awesome paintings of you!
    you're really an artist.

    p.s thank you so much for dropping by my site and
    for the comment. i appreciate it alot. my husband is an artist too. Most of his paintings are landscapes.


  78. WOW


  79. wow, great work. those are gorgeous ^^

  80. Wow, these are amazing! I love the two of the tigers :D


  81. you dream of a rolls ? oh my gaad! what will you do with a rolls in hyderabaad ? Are you a Nawaab Zaadi ? if so, my apologies and sympathies.

    oh Hyderabaad ?? i love Hyderabaad. i promised, never kept my promise. i'll write soon, have lots of pittures, tons, street pittures, what else ? i am a sadak chaap

    i am a dimwit, mahaa dimwit, so i don't understand art and poetry and many such intelli things, i don't have that thing, y'know that thing ? upstairs thing ? god din give that to me. Pandurangan Pillai has lots of it, a PhD in Physics. i keep learning from her. Right now she is bothering me, biting my toes. i am angry with her, she shut down my system walking on my keyboard.

    You must be as lazy as i am, so you must be a nawaab zaadi, i am not a nawaab zaada, tol you i am a sadak chaap.

    And thanks
    cheers, if you are alive,

  82. All the paintings are really nice.Especially the horses! You have a really nice blog here.Thankyou for visiting my blog and writing encouraging words!!



  84. These are amazing! :) My friend puts his are onto post cars so that he ca keep the origionals, they sell really well :)

  85. i love that last picture! very magestic! =)


  86. your art is incredible! you're soo talented, i love the tiger ones!

    thanks for visiting Fashion Handglide, I really appreciate it


  87. Hi workhard

    Thank you very much for dropping the comments.
    I really love the paintings and my grateful wishes for becoming an indian Picasso or Angelo.

    All the best

  88. hey those are awesome..i am like watching wild animals ...i especially liked the last one n the lion...keep up the good work..

    btw thanks 4 dropping by @ my blog..keep coming..

  89. hello...extremely talented artist u r..my sis is also doing bfa in paintings..shes also a very hard working artist...i wll show her ur paintings...

    nw am following ur blog its really nice..

    keep blogging gud stuff

    take care..

    enjoy life..

  90. Nice blog, Fantastic pictures......You are a talented artist.
    Thank you for reading my blog.

  91. thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. really good paintings, but would have enjoyed looking at them for real though.

  92. OMG OMG OMG!!! :-O :-O
    Realllly good!!!! Fantastic!! Superb!

  93. Well I don't comment on such beautiful masterpieces, if i do then i can't justify it. Loved them all :-)

    Yes thanks for all your various comments on my various posts.Appreciated !!

    Keep Rocking,

  94. WOW i think we will have a site called workhardo in some time to upload pictures!!
    hahahah your drawings are really awesome!!

  95. @ Farustar..Thanks...

    @ Zeba : I hope it wasnt much trouble :)

    Im glad u liked my work...

    @ Zany...i am really flattered by your words.. really appreciate it ;)

  96. @divsi.. Im sure u can paint..its only a matter of practice and patience.. Thanks for the visit..

    @ Mamma mia! Me a mamma? ... Thanks buddy...

    @ Disguise and Apparently intellectual: Thank you so much...

  97. @ thesongoflife and Sucharita Sarkar : im glad u liked them.. took some practice for me to get there..

    @Hyderabadiz and Hatikvah: thank you for ur nice words...

  98. @ manivannan ...thank you for the encouraging words.. lion was one of my fav too..
    Keep visiting..

    @ Couture Carrie : Thank you so much..

    @ Francheska : Thank you for ur words..

    @ mom & son : Thank you for the visit.. would love to see your hubby's work...

    @ [LA] : Thanks buddy

  99. @ kiss me quick : Thanks a lot dear..

    @ Maverick Malone : Im glad u liked the stripes ;)

    @ Style & Beyond: Thanks buddy.. aprpreciate those words..

  100. @ Rauf: i totally agree when u say ur a dimwit.. if i was anywhere close to being a memeber.. and i mean.. close.. not even a memeber.. id probably own a rolls.. and not be drooling over it...

    And yeah..u judged me right..im really lazy...

  101. @ daisy kate ...Really cars? hmm.. i should give it a try.. Thanks for the visit dear...

    @ Adela...Majestic.. WOW.. thanks for saying that...

    @ Stacy...Thanks dear...

  102. @abhi ..Hey really appreciate u saying that.. if i ever become an indian picasso or michaelangelo..id definitely remember u..;)

  103. @ Gautam ...Thank you.. watching.. really?

    @ Dreaming Eyes : Thank you so much..im gonna be posting my new work..soon hopefully.. Id also like to see some of her work..

    @ Netha Hussain ...Thanks dear...do keep visiting..

  104. Anoop: Hey thanks.. i wish someday my art will hang in a famous gallery..

    Crazy Four.. Thank u for ur nice words.

    Prasant Naidu...i guess ur silence says it all. Thanks for visiting

  105. LAN...Listen im really a confused person...so instead of going to my blog..i ll end up on ur blog..HAHAH

    Thanks for visitng buddy..

  106. Hey Awesome!!!! You have done it with such a flair my goodness! I could understand little bit as even I paint. I hope u would also comment on my color splash :)


    btw.. hv started following u :)
    waiting to see more of ur artful designs :)

  107. I posted a comment but cannot see.
    Your work is of very high order and awesome.

  108. I really liked the last painting! Where did you have a show?

  109. woow...

    This is marvellous.
    U really work hard.
    Take care.

  110. that has got to be the longest comment string i ever saw here :)
    great great work! i am a die hard fan of art- comes naturally..my mum is an artist, i like to believe i have a flair for sketching, and one of my life's greatest ambitions remains managing a trip to Italy when i can afford it simply to revel in the sea of beautiful art and architecture that exists in every nook and cranny of that blessed nation..
    so.. keep taking this passion of yours to even higher levels :)
    i am really happy to have had visited here..
    thanx also for that comment on my post..
    following you now..

  111. Hi. Vineeta.. Thank you so much.. i will definitely check out ur work..

    I ll definitely put up more work..

    Thanks for the visit

  112. KParthasarathi: Hope u can c the comment now..

    Glad u liked my work..

  113. Hi obssesor : i liked that one too.. thanks for visiting.. welcome here...

    I dont have a show yet.. im still waiting for that opportunity...

    Its just individuals that i have sold it to..

  114. ♥ ♥ Vinnie ° ♥ ♥ : Hi.. thanks ;)

    Actually im kinda lazy.. i take forever to complete my paintings..

  115. mystish: I am so glad u dropped by and appreciate my work...

    U know what.. i too have the same ambition.. to make a trip to Italy.. and check out the renaissance work..

    some day.. hope so

    It is wonderful to know that u sketch and ur mom is an artist too.. maybe u should upload some of ur artwork.. and ur moms too..

    wd love to check it out..

  116. hey, I work for a paper in Hyd and I review art galleries. If you plan on having a show, do let me know.
    Also,contact Ikonart, they prefer young blood!

  117. u sure are under estimatin urself..this is real good!

  118. oh my my.... tat a hell of an art.... kudos u artist.... beautiful really... they can come to real life....

    extremely appreciated... n thanks for dropping by my blog...keep visiting n posting....

    long time u'vent written anything.... scribble something naa pls...

  119. Hey obsessor.. thanks for letting me know.. i am still very amateur.. but will definitely be in touch with you. Thanks a lot buddy

  120. SiMbA tAgO : Hi. thanks for the visit.. i will post something soon hopefully.. do keep visiting..

    Glad u like my work

  121. Exceptionally beautiful paintings! have become your AC(more than a fan), i would adore to see more of your work. All the best.

  122. Exceptionally beautiful paintings! have become your AC(more than a fan), i would adore to see more of your work. All the best.

  123. @The Panorama: Thank u so much

  124. Hi Ashish...Thank you.. im glad u appreciate my work.. i am working on two more pieces.. lets see how they come out..

    I usually tend to mess them up.. so if they come out fine.. will definitely.. put it up ;)

  125. I am eagerly waiting to see them. All the best I am following you now, can't bear to lose your blog address.

  126. Thank you so much Ashish..

    I better move my lazy ass and start working on those paintings..:)

  127. hey..nice work...I m planning to buy a house next year...and I might have a job proposition for ya then ..if ya r interested

  128. ♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥... Thank you.. i would really be interested.. and i am flattered...Do let me know.. what u have in mind..

  129. Hi workhard,
    Interesting to find an artist here. the last horse painting is really cool. And congrats for the sales. Why don't u put up an exhibition in bombay. I would like to see ur work :)

  130. Hi Krishna.. Thanks for dropping by.. and the nice comments..

    Im soo nervous about public display of my work.. but right now at hand.. i dont have any pcs ready...

    Hopefully in the future..:)

  131. Wow. You drew those? Amazing. That is real talent. =)

  132. Thank you so much for dropping by my site and
    for comments. Your art work is superb and will visit again to catch up with more

  133. Hi Workhard. Thanks for your comments in my blog. Your paintings are really cool. I think you are a very good realist. Keep posting more paintings. Take care.

  134. Hi :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments...

    You paint really very well... and am sure that we are witnessing a big artist in making :)

    God Bless You

  135. Ah! a painter!!
    Saara, if I'm not wrong.
    Thanks for all your comments on my posts.
    It is a great feeling to see that someone, other than yourself, have been able to feel connected. Loved your paintings, specially the horse. I left painting midway and I've an innate affinity for art and artists. Keep up the good work, hopefully the lull will see a break soon. TC

  136. OHOOOOO....its too long a list.....anyways....i loved the brown horse and ofcourse the first one....my brother is also an artist...he has some paintings....the first one reminds me one of those he had pained long back....thanks for stopping by.. ...keep walking!!!

  137. I don't know why you would want to refer to these paintings as awful?? I think they are beautiful, specially the two horse ones!

  138. Your paintings rock!!! My personal favorites are the lion and the brown horse.
    Wish you luck with your art... :)

    & thanks for your comments my blog. Much appreciated :)

  139. Hey WorkHard,

    Thanks for your comments at my Blog. I decided to stop writing there and stay away from the Blogosphere (mainly because I have found other means of expression, and I got addicted to Blogging).

    I wouldn't have replied, but am doing so because I have been here before (thanks to Shatabdi's blog, and your interesting profile name). I loved going through the paintings you've put up here. They are brilliant pieces of work.

    Keep it up!

  140. Fabulous..specially the first one and of the horse !!

  141. Good ones!
    Maybe I'll also paint and sell something one day!

  142. dude you have an awesome talent and i mean the awesomest talent i have ever seen, and if i am saying this that means you are really good :P

    really yaar, awesome just doesnt even cover it, i really belived the tiger in the ist set was real, aweomse, now if some one asks me do you know some1 famous?, i can proudly say, "yeah i know the picasso's brother" :D

    keep up the great work ya

    and thx a ton for the comments on my blog, hope to see more of you there

    take care and keep writing.........

  143. hey
    how much do you get for a painting ?
    hi first time here i couldnt help asking ;-)

  144. WOW!! Amazing paintings!! You are a Pro!! :)
    Keep creating!

  145. heyyy wow! u paint! awesome paintings!! :-D

  146. wow dude! ur paintings r so high class.. gr8 work! i'm glad such an art maestro actually visited my blog & commented on my posts. thank yu :)

  147. Hey rly nice work der....!! artist + Writer.. U really work hard n r really creative... :)

  148. and i read all your posts and loved them all

    cya soon on my blog

    take care and keep writing.......

  149. WOW!! All the paintings are so amazing. But the first one and last one are really awesome!!

  150. Great work.... I'm not much of a connoisseur, but I love the beauty of your vision. It's truly deep..... It's the inner eye, you know....the inner eye....

  151. Thank you so much for swinging by my blog and
    for the comments.

    Your artwork is amazing.

  152. hey, your drawings are incredible.

    kudos.. keep posting more work :)

  153. Hey the paintings are too good dear.......... If i were in ur place, i wouldnt have sold those selected "favourites"...

    Still i guess the painter can create it once again... There is so much life in the paintings, I just loved them....

  154. WOw!!!! This is really really awesome!!!I always dreamt of being a professional painter and selling them too(Touchwood :))... Where were your paintings put up??? Are u in Hyderabad as your profile says.. I live in Hyd too.... If any of your paintings are put up around anywhere in the city right now, lemme know!! I am crazy about visiting painting exhibitions and checking out new artworks.

  155. Man! Great paintings!! Suberb work!


    Btw thanks for visiting my blog :)

  156. I saw a comment from you in one of my previous posts ... came here and wondered why I have never been here before. Such beautiful paintings! :-)
    166 comments! I hope mine does not get lost in them. :-)

  157. that first tiger is a painting?! golly! i first thought its a photograph :O really!

    but the portraits of the horses are the best :)

  158. my comments may get lost in this throng of 170...but still awesome work..i luvd da horses..n the cheetah looks lik a photograph seriously...kudos....

  159. hello hardly working...when are we going to read your next post. ya issi post per comments ki double century maarni hai?

  160. impressive stuff... truly amazing.

  161. Stunning paintings.
    The lion exuding the freedom of power, the dream horse, your first sale painting of heaving disquiet... It is difficult to pick the ones I liked the best. There is expression in each one of them and their is some kind of mellifluous beauty, if that is the word I want. Art is expressing the inexpressible, isn't it? You have that in you.

  162. First of all im really really sorry for replying back so late.. and thanks guys for visiting my blog...

  163. Ruelle De Covent : Yes thats all my work. thanks a bunch...

    Ajay Patil : Thanks for the visit..:)

    Prabal : Hey buddy .. thanks for the encouragement.. Yes i d like to keep my theme very realistic.. and i ll work on it too..

    Manish : I hope so too. thank You sooo much...

    Swati : Thanks a lot..:)

  164. modernexile... That is so encouraging.. Thanks a lot.. buddy..

    Anorak: Thanks for dropping by. would love to see your brother's work..

    Mishika : No sweety.. i was referring to my photography skills as awfull..i really respect my art and somehow i have an affinity to all my artwork.. even though they are sold..

  165. Choco :Thanks hon.. i love the lion too. it was the first in the wildlife that i had painted..

    Alok : Thank you thank you thank you sooo much... for dropping by..

    Renu: Thank you dear..

    N J : Thank you.. really appreciate reviewing my work..

    Stupidosaur: Hey you should.. dont let anything stop you from painting.. its a divine experience..

  166. Thousif Raza :Picasso's brother..LOL!!! I like that but that d be his sister.. i know.. a lot of ppl mistake me for a guy.. dont know why...;)

    Thank for dropping by... and do keep visitng..

    scarlet pimpernel: Hi. that depends on the painting.. if its a tiny one. than just a couple of thousands.. but a bigger one. would sell for more. and i m just an amateur..no i dont make much..

  167. Shilpa Garg: Thanks for dropping by. hope i ll be a pro some day...:)

    neha : Thank you Neha..

    yeshu: WOW.. that is such a nice thing to say.. im flattered by your words....

    Urvashi :LOL!... thanks for dropping by..

  168. Shalini : Thanks a lot dear ...

    Atindriya : That is such a wonderful thing to say.. thank you so much...

    Soul Seared Dreamer : Thank you..

    Cinderella :Welcome here.. I will keep mosting more of my work.. and hope to c u here again..

    Prathima Bhat: Thanks for appreciating my work.. i guess for me.. each of these paintings hold a special place.. and i cant keep em all ;)

    Sowmya: Thanks dear..

    Diva : Hey girl.. i am in hyd but i m not that famous yet to display my artwork in a gallery.. they just sold to offices and some residences. hopefully some day.. hmmmm. i ll sure invite u...

  169. Ok.. i should be more prompt when i reply....:)

    Im such a lazy bum...

  170. sangeeta : Will do sooon...;) hopefully..

    P. Venugopal: Thank u so much for saying tht.. really appreciate it.. Thanks a lot..

    N J : Yipee. i have 2 NJ's on my blog..Both are the same..just pulling ur leg...

    Krishna .. willdo soon...:)

  171. Sharmila : Hey.. ur comments will definitely not get lost here.. i make sure i read all of them.. a lil late but i do :)
    Thanks for visiting..

    mayank_dreams : Really.. they look like photographs.. thanks for saying that...

    olive oyl : Thanks a lot. i love the horses too..

  172. They are beautiful! Congratulations! :)

  173. Workhard,

    Here I am as promised. Read available posts. Liked tag and I fully agree with you on customer helplines as well as visiting service engineers. You have talent and one day we all will be proud to have known you here if not in person. I can not find words to describe my feelings for your paintings. Keep it going. Hope you do see this comment. You have been away for over 3 months now, please get back.

    Take care

  174. Hey your paintings are pretty damn nice. :) And read your post about BSNL helpline.Never happened to me before.But the whole thing was hilarious anyway :)

  175. Oooohhh!!! I loved them all. Beautiful paintings.

  176. Hi! Thanks for dropping by.
    Amazing work, I am truly impressed. My Mom is from fine arts back ground, so I do understand the amount of imagination and hardwork that goes into a painting to make it look so real. Gr8 ob done, congrats!

  177. 190 comments..ooooh.. i think dere's nt left anyhting to say about ur work..now.bt even then i really wanna appreciate u for ur work.
    great job specialy da 1st one..cheers!!

  178. Hey!!! Thanks AWESOME!!!! .. keep it up.. :)
    Wish u all the success! .. :)

  179. Hello...I dropped by to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. I appreciate it very much.

    Your paintings are very nice...and they are unusual poses. I tried to look at them more closely but the links don't seem to work.

    Your earlier posts make interesting reading. I enjoyed this visit and will stop by again soon.

  180. ohhmy god!!!!!!

    I am bowled...

  181. these are amazing! loved all of them. brilliant :)

  182. OMG! The art seemed to get better as I went from the first to the last. Is it really how you have arranged it, or is it in no particular order? I am a nobody to comment on the arts, but I found that the arts only got better. And the sheer number of comments here indicate how much people have come to appreciate you.


  183. OMG! that was AMAZING!
    great work! seriously!

  184. They are jus awsum....
    *luvd luvd*
    The 1st sale is best....Nice keep it up!!!

  185. hey a painter in the making!!real good stuff especially the white horse!!oh also the tears from her eyes combined with the sea really awesome!!beautiful!!oh btw!!hehe congrats 80 followrs!!keep painting!!wish i could paint but i got a D in my elementary exam lol i was the only one who failed in the whole skool noooo!!!the pain the misery hehe njoi!!!

  186. oh wow...you are surely a very good painter :)


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