Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Art of Love

I am a fan of art. And to some extent I believe in love, but i dont get this, why do people combine them together; and then form "l'art": In French it would translate to "The Art"; with that i mean, 'the ultimate art'.But this is my definition of say 'trashy art on historical monuments' .
A couple of months ago, my brother and his wife were in the city visiting. He wanted to check out some historical monuments..So we decided to go see The Golconda Fort, but on the way we stopped by The Seven Tombs..Amazing place I would say..The monuments are beautiful; although almost all of them look alike; but still distinct in their own right.
And on almost every wall you could see all sorts of masterpieces of Leonardo and Picasso wannabes.. X lovesY, Y lovesZ, Q lovesP, and then P is again in love with L, but hey didnt Z already get dumped last week; so im not sure if its a love triangle, a square, a pentagon or whatever you may call it...It was a confusing and disturbing experience.. Didn't know exactly if i were seeing the seven tombs or reminiscing theTaj Mahal, symbol of eternal love and art..
Somebody help me please!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. it is so bad people can't realize the value of our heritage. just using them to show off their love for someone. it should be banned people who visit these places do to enjoy the architecture and the history and not these people's love stories. they should keep their personal stories personal..

  2. hi there nice blog :-)
    and you have a great id!
    Even i get irritated seeing all those love stories on monuments. i wish we indians were more responsible than that and learnt something from our western counterparts

  3. Thanx for dropping by my blog and am glad that my recipes have been of help to u. And yes, graffiti bothers me to the core. I hate the lack of respect and concern people show especially when it comes to these historic monuments which need to last for our future generations too.I've visited these tombs and the fort etc. Love to travel.

  4. thanks for visiting me, you can easily substitute yoghurt or buttermilk for sourcream. Just make sure that they are not really sour , i can only immagine how sour they will be, especially in the indian ssummers! Use fresh store bought yogurt, that will do :) hope it helped :)

    And about your post, i just dont understnad why people cannot respect these historic monuments!! love your blog..will keep visiting..

  5. nice writeup! completely agree with u...

  6. completely agree wd you on teh public graffti front..but thn who knows we might start calling the loud love signs as modern monumnets ..say aftr sme 2000 more years :)

    nd yeah thnks for snooping on mi blog.appreciate your comments

  7. Thanks you all for dropping by and the precious comments...

  8. unfortunately ppl lack something basic all over the world, common sense.


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