Monday, March 2, 2009

Go Gettem Slums !!!!!!!!

Ok, i am not a social activist, but i have these unanswered questions.The propaganda over Valentines day has died out. The hottest topic for discussion is Slum Dog millionaire. So who wants to be a millionaire? Im sorry, i mean on TV. Those who help the 'Slum Dogs' Right? I read a lot and lately i have been reading these blogs on reviews of not the movie Slum Dog, but the after effects, I could call that ripple effect that has hit almost every Indian, after the movie won an Oscar. I ponder over the status of those poor slum children, the star kids, what condition they are now, do they miss their slums, their friends, are they happy now that they have a 'lifestyle' and what activists, social organizations and big charity banks think about improving the rest of them. Im sure every slum child would now be dreaming of such a living. Are they going to 'help' the slum children? Or are they going to change the political map of India by reducing shacks? Wow!! Talk about revolution, rather revolutionary leaders!!! Im impressed!!! Valentine's Day is over and the entire marketing gimmicks about selling hearts, and balloons and all the lovey-dovey stuff is gone by, Slum dog is in news, officially. Where are all the saviours gone? Go Getters!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The last I heard, Azhar was slapped by his father for not giving interviews.
    Nice post and very valid point there. Where are the go-getters?
    BTW you are tagged!

  2. hey hey :-) Tag just means you need to do whatever I did! For example if I answered those 50 questions you answer them too; if I write about my life, you do too
    Got it? Now get going :-) gee

  3. now that I am reading this in april ..even the slum dog fever is over ...damn we forget soo soon

  4. Hi preeti.. I know how things die out so soon from peoples memory...


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