Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What goes around comes around..... Definitely

Finally i found my way here and now......
I welcome myself back from a very long hibernation program, or a blogger's block.. or maybe just pure laziness.....;) whatever makes u guys happy.... but believe me.. i was not busy.. i wont lie....

The reason im back is because i feel something has pressed those buttons again.. yeah.. my aggravation buttons.....
And No... its definitely not a lover boy.. otherwise id probably beat the shit out of him by this time.....LOL!!!!!!
Yeah I am a dangerous girlfriend!!!!!!!!

Its something that refuses to leave me just wont get away....

Yeah u guessed it right.. its about the only thing in the world that loves me the most right now....

MY FAT!!!!!!!

Apparently it just refuses to leave.....

I mean once upon a time I was working on to put on some weight.. but hey.. now u can stop growing u know..........that too in all the wrong places.......uggghhhhhhhhhh

I ve got to fit into my denims.. and my itsy bitsy tops..........

So i ve decided to go on a torture program......

Walk it off!!!!!!!

And guess what.. i walked like 4 hours today and im dead tired....

im gonna retire right now.....

Well now u guys must be wondering .. what does my fat have anything to do with the title of this post....
Lemme tell ya.....A lot!!!!!!!!!
I have got this friend..who kinda tends to overflow from the sides....... and whenever i see him sitting on a bean bag... I call him "Bean Bag on Bean Bag"...LOL!!!!!!!!!!

I better learn to keep my mouth shut...........Its definitely coming around to me....

Ok.. i gotta go drop dead now...
Will keep u guys updated on my overflowing love handles ( believe me i cant stand that sight anymore) and my Jelly belly......(im nauseous right now)

Yeah u can call me A FAT BABY NOW!!!!!!!
I do look like this muffin top!!!!!!


  1. thanks for all the awesome comments...

    i can understand your battle with fat... i'm sorta there too... sucks duznt it? :'(

    your blog is pretty lively...
    dont mind if i drop in often... :)

  2. Thank u so much clueless.. Im glad u like it here..and u welcome anytime....

  3. Welcome back :)

    And good luck with losing the Fat :)

  4. Well, all the best for your torture program!It should work!

  5. Smita...Hey girl.. thanks...

    Ramesh ..Hi.. thank you.. i hope it works...

  6. I myself a victim of fats...i used to be a beanpole....but now i see my ever-expanding and bulging belly often in silence....and speak to each other....neither it is ready to budge nor me .... so the rivalry continues....kep walking!!!

  7. hey funny girl....i liked ze blog too...i myt hop in too sumtyms......btw thankya for ze zweet commenz

  8. u said that once upon a time u had put on weight.. any different tips.. plz dont tell the usual.. n all the best with the reduction..

  9. hey Woo chill..the more u worry, the more u put on. thats my experience. jus relax and enjoy the new look :).BTW Andhra guys like fat grls no????

  10. welcome back!...well ur problem is not so uncommon i guess!...v all go thru it :)...all d best for ur "torture" ;)

  11. Workhard,

    The best sense of humour is when one can laugh at ownself. Nice post. If you do feel like shedding some extra weight, I am sure you can work out for it. Best of luck.

    Take care

  12. Anorak: Hello.. so im not alone????? Some how i just dont get into my fav jeans.. so i feel like im the fattest person on earth.....

    ananya chatterjee : Hey welcome here.. I glad u liked the blog.. do keep visiting..

    Vishnu.. No.. once upon a time i wanted to put on some weight.. and it took me more than a year to get where i wanted.. and now its gotta stop!!!! Thank u for dropping by.. the only tip i know is walk it off.. im desperately walking....

  13. Anshu sweeetie.. really? if i worry i ll pile on more.. im getting fat dreams.....LOL!!!!
    Yeah i think Andhra guys like a lil bit of meat here and there.. i my self like a lil here and there much..!!!!!

  14. Umesh Agarwal: Hey .. OH my torture is like real torture.. im all sore.. i cant move...

  15. Jack... Hi there.. im glad u liked ur visit here.. im working on it..

  16. My advice if you insist on slimming: Eat as much as you like - just don't swallow it. ;)

    good luck buddy!

  17. Quite well-expressed! Not easy actually.

    And oh yes, you have put in a link in the signature while commenting on my blog posts Products for Toddlers, Blame and more! Are you affiliated to the web hosting site? If yes, is it owned by you? I am planning to buy a domain and hosting. Please advise.

  18. Lol: at this.... otherwise id probably beat the shit out of him by this time.....LOL!!!!!!
    Yeah I am a dangerous girlfriend!!!!!!!!.....

    Try Gm diet, my son lost three and a half kg in a week..I will also try it after one month:

    Though sometimes I think .why bother so much, fat or thin how does it make nay difference to a person, but yes it makes for a health.

  19. Couple of years back I was as thin as a stick. but now I have oodles of fat peeping from all sides :( have started walking lets hope it works *sigh*

  20. Pray, what is wrong with the muffin top? Looks beautiful to me. :)
    And if you want advice from a person who had steadily stayed at 70 kg for the last 20 years, continue eating well, but avoid the in-betweens, and take supper at least two hours before you go to sleep. And stay as vigorously happy as you seem to be now.

  21. welcum bac gal!!:)))
    great to c ya bac!:)
    m givin u company for the program:p its sick u kno!! m eatin evrythin n not exercisin at all:O all d bestie!

    thnx for visitin my blog n the comments:))
    tc!! n post often!!

  22. Lol beat the shit outta your lover-boy? :D you kinda sound like me.(I dumped all my ex-es you see.. :P)

    Oi maybe you should hit the gym and use a treadmill or something. :)

  23. ROFL. The "fat" is a pain point to every other person. I fear that I might blow in a couple of years. The cozy seat, the high speed internet and the very tantalizingly chill AC is all to blame!

    Lastly (for now), thanks for dropping by my blog and for the words of appreciation. I believe you would visit often. :)


  24. Hey, i've battled my way with this fat thingie and believe me it works once done with sincerity and determination....just keep saying yourself that you are going to look nothing but just the best that too very gives immense kick to your conscience and thus you do all the necessary requisites to make it happen every single day.
    Best luck and have faith buddy :)

  25. gosh you are really popular!!! SO you paint!!By the way I am Jiten

  26. thanks for dropping by ...

    And welcome to the full fat world. Why stay toned when we have the fat to keep the cushions around the skeletons and muscles? enjoy life, friend.

  27. Me tried to do the same as well some time back ..but instead of walking it off I tried running that off..but You know When I realized that I had ran too far to walk back..i decided to take a rick..yeah talk about burning the fat.. All the best with your fitness regime..and thanks to the vist to my blog

  28. Dear Friend,
    first time here.i could relate to the theme very well.the most popular post of mine is ''GETTING INTO SHAPE''.you can have a look!
    the struggle to get back to the jeans n tops reminded me my beloved,My Little Star!how happy my sweety was when she could wear the same,looking smarter,feeling more confident n enjoy life!
    happy work outs!

  29. argh... the love handles.. we could all do posts on those.

    just get a new wardrobe gurl... shopping for it will be whole lot of fun :D

    and "Bean Bag on Bean Bag" seriously??? hahaha....

  30. good luck with your waistline. im sure its not as bad as you think. and thank you for visiting my blogspace. do come again ..

  31. haha! u'r funny!
    all the best :D
    im in the process as well!

  32. they key to burning fat is to have light exercise for a long period of time. thus do something which does not increase your heart reate beyond 100 beats per minute and do it for like an hour or so. but ramp up the time slowly - dont overdo it the first day otherwise you wont feel like doing it second or third day, increase the period gradually until your body get used to the regimen. and do it the same time everyday. first 7 days are crucial where you'll need to prod yourself to do it - once you do it for 7 days your body will automatically feel like doing it every day....

  33. first of all, you surprised me by actually going through so many of my scraps. to have that much time and patience for somebody is really something. and you said some very nice things there, so for all this a big thank you.about your art, you have already sold one so thats already incredible, i quite like the horses, both being my favourite.
    BTW if you look anything like that muffin top youre adorable. you certainly deserve some monaco biscuits dipped in maggi hot and sweet ketchup. yum and hot. and please dont think im weird. hehehehee

  34. Well that's such a lively style of writing
    "Bean Bag on Bean Bag" .. LOL
    By the way, Even i have gone through this all.. and believe me, You will also be through this phase very soon with Slim Trim figure..
    All the best.. and Keep Walking....

    PS : Thanks a lot for your lovely supportive comments on my blog

  35. Oh! I can empathize! And know the torture program only too well! *SIGH*
    4 hours of walking!!?? Try swimming instead!! They say 10 minutes of swimming=1 hour of swimming!
    Good Luck! :)

  36. I liked the post very much for the humour in it

  37. Hey!
    As ur blog name suggests, i dont think ul hve much problem with ur current problem as u can workhard to stop going round but that shouldnt stop u from being around,u hve an interesting blog here and u seem to be very light hearted person,& thanks for dropping by & for ur much valued comments. :)

  38. Hey ....... its cool posting

    I luv it & thnx 4 visiting my blog in Aug. Sorri cudn't replied u n also cant post

    do visit again for new post soon


  39. haha
    muffin top

    im trying too, only im on a "only water-drink till you die" type of a diet
    best flush those toxins out

  40. Really sorry for the delay in my replies.. my internet had some problems and then something wrong with the mouse..... im surrounded by problems!!!!

  41. VJ Sophie: LOL!!! I shouldnt swallow... hmmm.. im not too sure about that ;)

    Bhavesh Chhatbar : Hi.. yeah its not that easy.. true.. i was looking for something for new borns..:)My cousin was interested in that site..i was going thru it... and i think u have to contact the live support..
    I ll let u know if something comes up...

    Antarman : Yeah ..LOL!!! i am a pretty dangerous girlfriend..i think my mouth is enough to scare the shit out of ppl...

    Hmm lemme try walking for sometime.. and then..... if it fails.. i ll try GM.. makes a difference when i look in the mirror..YIKES

  42. Shruthi : U and i in the same boat.. honey..:)

    P. Venugopal: My muffin is dangerously overflowing..LOL.. hey i like to munch.. like 1000 times a day... i ve been trying to watch my mouth lately....

    divsi: Sweety..i was dying for some company.. when im on those long walks im literally cursing my mouth.. LOL...
    Will definitely visit u.. and put up more posts...:)

  43. Samadrita : LOL!!! u too like that.. HI FI Girl.. lets gang up..all my ex es seem psycho.. not my fault... ;) Been on long walks...

  44. Vittaldas Prabhu : Measure ur waistline occassionally to keep in check.. and keep away those munchies while u surfing..

    Rashmi : Thank you for that booting comment.. i have been sincerely on a walk for the past few days...

    dharmabum : Thank you for ur wishes...

    Jiten : Hi Jiten.. nice of u to drop by...
    Yes i do paint... :)

  45. IdleMind : You very much remind me of the time when i use to mentally torture my friend calling him a Bean bag!!!!! I take my words back!!!!

    Rohit: Well i got lucky.. i ended up in this part exclusively for walking which is a circle....hahahahahah

    anupama : I miss my itsy bitsy tops and jeans....Thanks for ur wishes...

  46. IMPIEEEEEEE: Baby i missed u.... yeah i did go buy a couple of jeans and tops.. but so that i could fit in also when i lose they still a lil tight and overflowing...

    Yeah.. LOL... Bean Bag On Bean Bag!!!

    Im cursing myself for saying that!!!! Im gonna seriously watch my mouth...

  47. rorschach: Overflowing is all i can say.. Thank you so much for the wishes and for dropping by.. do visit again...

    oRange* : Thank you.....:) do come back again....

    Guy : Hey thanks so much for the tip.. i ll keep that in mind cause i tend to over do it...
    I should keep a more steady pace...

    Tongue Trip : That was the sweetest thing to say..... But i m still walking.....
    i like muffins only when they go in my mouth not when i look in the mirror..;)

  48. I am Alive : Thank you sooooo much.. i hope to get into that slim trim figure ....and soon...

    Shilpa Garg : Swimming..hmmmm i shall consider it.. thanks for the visit.. do come back again.....

    KParthasarathi ... Thank you for liking the post:) visit again!!!

  49. Readers Dais: HAHAHAHA... my name is misleading..;) thats what got me in trouble in the first place...:D Im really glad u like my blog.. hope to see you here often...

    Nizar : Thank for dropping by.. glad u like the post...

    Meghana Naidu : OMG.... ONLY WATER!!! Girl.. that is going to really kill u... why dont u go on detox....Im sure that ll help...

  50. TO ALL: Thank u guys soo much for dropping by.. i hope in the process i drop some fat!!!!!

    I ve got a mission to accomplish!!!!

  51. you've got the saem problem as me!!!!!

    i was supposed to start the walk regime todayy...but sleep got the better of kal se pakka!:d

    i hope.all the fat's gotta go!!!Warrrrr!!!

  52. good you are back; and ya God save your boyfriend...

  53. Alisha: U slept off!!!! LOL!!!!

    I have been regular for the past one week now.. but lemme tell ya.. im sore... OUCH!!!!

    This is a torture program!!!

    WAR it is!!!!

  54. sp.ajay : Thats why God has taken away the one i had also.... LOL!!!! should i be happy or sad... now im confused!!!!!

    Thanks for dropping by buddy!!!!

  55. Thanks for the visit to my travel blog and the footprints you left there.
    I'm glad I came here. I love your animal paintings--the cats are gorgeous and the last horse is kickin'!

  56. Gosh I felt that was me talking. Its amazing how excess fat can cling to you like a magnet! I really need to lose some inches off my waist and fast! Dieting is out, coz it never works for me. I think I'm gonna go back to my Yoga and walking. Will take time, but I'll get there...!

    Good luck 2 u!

  57. so u walk for 4 hrs. o_0
    u read for as much. o_0

    when do u sleep??? lol. ur name absolutely defines you serious. and as for being fat come on thats not a drag evry 8 on 10 people are.

  58. You have been awarded :)
    Check my blog :)

    Cheers :)

  59. Hey, thanks for the tips. Yes, I need to keep watch. For now, it seems all controlled. But stress is something that makes people eat like crazy. I am blessed I never feel stressed.

    By the way, I have updated my blog with two poems. Please read sometime. I give you the links here: All, An Illusion and Savior.


  60. I thought I was all alone fighting this battle of bulges..Wonder if I would be able to get into some of my favourite denims :(

  61. Long time!! :) LMAO @ bean bag on a bean bag!! Fun actually, I can use it on someone!! ;) I know I'll never go down that road, NEVER! So, I might as-well make fun of the one thing I wont be!! :P

    At woes, just chillax, what comes around goes around :D

    See you when I see you... :D

  62. Hey
    Funny Post.
    I am struggling to put on weight. :).

  63. Well, how are you my friend??? Remember me???

  64. PEOPLE, PLACES, VOICES, FACES... I am so glad u like the paintings...Thanks for the visit though....

    Mirage : You tooo...dieting never works for me.. but yoga is supposed to be good..and ofcourse ya walking tooo..

    ..pAnKHuRi.. I am so honored and flattered.. i wanna put up that award on my blog.. but i will have to explore how to do it.. im really bad at this.. but thank you sooooooooooooooo much...

    Science Bloggers Association : thanks glad u liked it

  65. ScarletTd1ar1es : Lets see..thats only 8 i still have 16 hours left.. which means another 4 hours go in munching.. another few just lazing around..and a few more actually a lot in sleeping....
    Do keep visiting... btw.. my name..only to mislead.....

  66. Vittaldas Prabhu : I promise i will come back and check it out..

    Nikki... I know.. i still have problems getting into my fav denims..

    Pranav Kumar V : Yeah try calling someone bean bag and do lemme it goes...

    Goli : struggling to put on weight.. i was once like that... but if u wanna put on weight binge eating is the key...

  67. NISHANT NISCHAL : hey buddy.. of course i remember u.. will visit ur blog soon....
    How u been?

  68. very inspiring..its been long time tat i walked:)...may be will start from tomoro again:)...thank u:)

  69. Wow! You are a popular person around here! :)

    I was like that once...but prolly the work timings and pressure - I seem to be looking ok now.. :D But sure feels good when people look at you and tell - Hey, you have lost weight!!


  70. lol @ bean bag on bean bag.
    I really identify with your sentiments. There was a time when I was constantly being told to gain weight by people around me. Now the same people maintain a studied silence. lol!

  71. I can see what you mean by a long break. Your last post was on June 9! And I liked you being honest that you were just lazy. Welcome back you, unsophisticated soul!

    And thanks a lot for your comments on my photos.

  72. haha i'm the complete opposite.i have been underweight all my life i mean lol it sounds like i'm 60 or something i mean 21 keep working hehe and as an athlete my advice-walking wont help hehe and really i knw!!try running for 15mins everyday it will work one hell of a lot faster than walking.oh btw!!nice blog took me sometime to check srry for that but i'm following now,will keep responding!!keep writing!!

  73. You Walked for FOUR HOURS ????????????? Omg !!!
    Im trying to gain weight !! :( But it's not working!!

  74. hmmmmm
    nice plave u have, especially d Phantom u hv as blog pic........lukin great
    nd fat, alwaz a prob though u wanna gain it or loose it......
    keep writing...


  75. Hey I am in tremendous need of some tips to grow Fat..I eat a lot but of no use :( if U can please help me sirji. Positive na..You are not fat say that you are healthy simple :)

  76. I love this topic. It helps me somehow and I know my friends would love this too. I will share this to them and I thank you for sharing.

  77. thank you for your comment.
    your hilarious, i want more hahhah

  78. You'll be fine!
    A funny dialogue with fat though...and shame muffin top isn't as cute as the cat.

  79. I love your blog!! Welcome back! (I guess I'm kind of late saying that though) :-p

  80. whahahahahhahahahaha holy fck u is funny!

    One Love,

  81. ur blog's fun! m gonna drop by more often! thnx fr stoppin by mine! :)

    wish ya luck wid da fat! :)

  82. Heyy thanks for ur visit...and i came by and saw its about fat....coincidence...tomorrow marks the start of my exercising regime. LOL

    Nez...keep up ur posts....they are good.

  83. Wishing you and your family a very happy and properous diwali :) :)

    cheers !!

  84. THankiuuuuuuuuu for dropping by

    ur blog is very nice nd m become a fan of urs.
    interesting piece of article

  85. wooohoooo now this is a firsat time for me..i am the87th one to comment :) i had brown bread today so i know where we both come from..thanks for dropping by my blog n do write more often

  86. thanks for stopping by ...
    i hope it s not any panic button!!
    nihow, i think it s time you pressed some button to update ur blog ...

    or u want make us hit a century here?
    not too far :-P

  87. u actually agrred 2 being called a fat baby? lol

    neat blog...n i checked out ur previous post too...nice art work! :D

  88. Hey work hard, thanks for your lovely comments.
    Yours is a great blog & i must say you are a dam creative person. Somewhere we are same as i'm too an untrained artist.
    As far as your "torturing yourself" decision...all i can say is your boyfriend will be happy to have more of you to love (this is what my girlfriend feels)
    All the best, see you soon.

  89. At least it's good na you didn't call him a PAIN IN THE WRONG PLACE....just imagine that coming back at you :(. I have no idea why I didn't see this post...maybe your damn feeder is as lazy as you when it comes to updating itself on my reader.

    Gal why does it matter if you gain weight...with eyes like urs you can make guys swoon to ur tunes like sridevi dancing to Amrish Puri in Nagina :). You beat the shit out of ur BF's?? now now that's some serious suing manners you got for a guy!! Hope not to meet you one day in some court...sigh!!!

    ROFL at that last pic....I think many guys would like a cute muffin like you

  90. ha ha! i like zis, coming from somebody who zigzags with weight himself :D

    (i'm following this.)

  91. happened to visit ur block...
    well ''hi;;

  92. Quite Well??
    If visited my blog, use-

  93. Workhard........thanks for the visit to my blog and I would say........workhard on your torture program...........gut feel u will be little less confused & happier ;-)

  94. Nice post!!! "Bean Bag on Bean Bag" ROFL :D
    "who kinda tends to overflow from the sides......." amazing expressions :D

    Good luck with your "torture program"...hope you get back in shape soon...but while you're still in this, you're jolly attitude bags more attention than the 'fat'...keep it up..!

  95. rofl! me likes ur blog. and i noticed you are frm hyd ur a telugu person?? and thanks for dropping by my blog!

  96. try harder is all i can say ........untill u succeed.....m goin thru same phase f life .......i ws strivin hard to put on some weight.....but now m like cravin for letting it happn .......though m not havin tht much prblm yet.....
    thnx for appreciating ma piece f writing ..... the one for whom it ws written finds me a joke...huh !!!! but never mind

  97. ha, ha i hate it when people say they been too busy to post it really annoying. I don't have any time to so i post really late.

    I would really appreciate if you visit my site and consider becoming a follower.

  98. I so relate to wat u had to say about losing the " fat" off...i am at it go gal!

  99. so you don't fit into your Jimmy Choos anymore.

    It's not fat...its Love for food.

    Your dream...the Bently scared me, expensive, and Boy look at the 100th comment. ME SO LUCKY.

    I actually can't write much about fat..but best luck, fit in those tiny tiny top where the biggest cloth is the washing label. Don't forget to wear Jimmy Choo's.

    Make your boyfriend's day!!

  100. so for the late comment!! just like u, i´ve been of the blog for a lonnnng time.
    so how much of fat have u lost??? ;)

  101. Hi workhard, first time have a nice blog the posts :))) am probably gonna be a regular here...

  102. Sensitive person - can you handle this ?
    I like your style of writing! Very cool indeed...

    Keep us updated on the new regime if there is any! We all are in the same boat. I kept teasing my hubby that he is too fat and now when I look like him, I say well we are a well matched couple!

  103. yeah! talk about the blubber that takes forever to disappear.. and the bulky-aunty look as a result.. chroist!

    thanks for all those wonderful comments.. you are a nice person.. :P
    cheers :)

  104. i lovee your blog

    don't torture yourself - i'm sure you are beautiful

    thanks for your lovely comment - hopefully you'll become a regular =]

  105. Hahaha... the pic of the cat is hilarious! I guess it's almost inevitable to be putting on weight during the winter months though...

  106. hey there!
    Thanks for stepping by, keep doing the goodwork!


  107. Thanks for ur looks good when some one making a point on ur work......nd it give some sorts of inspiration to work hard on his doings......ND what ever i got frm ur last posting .....u r working hard for ur fatness........just keep it up........THANKS

  108. hey thank for your comment (:
    i've never been fat since junior highschool, but let me tell you that being skinny is not all perks, there are curses too for skinny girls. ): i believe everyone's beautiful as they are, so just put your confidence up. (:

  109. Woaaaaaah !!!!

    112 comments? :O

    Nice blog though



  111. Kitty Kat!
    check out this link!

  112. Walk 4 hours, come on its too much for you, make it in a minimal pace.

  113. LOL @ Bean Bag

    Thanks a lot for taking time to go through my blog. In one way or other you have encouraged me to keep on blogging.
    Thanks a lot!

  114. I come back again to drop a word !
    that fat people are cute and I really liked this post...

    Secondly, you wont be able to reduce by walking ! JOG shall be the keyword...

    Thirdly, I shall soon award you :D

    Fourthly, where have you been?

    Fifthly, Take care :D

    Sixthly, cheers !

    Seventhly, Cya :D

  115. thanks for dropping by my blog...

    hehe some things r just part of our life!!...

    nice blog:)

  116. Interesting thoughts...
    Thanks for ur comment ...
    Yeah...trip indeed was fun...

  117. hey..Hope those overflowing love handles are at d ryt place by nw....!!!:)

    Thanks so mch 4 droppin by!!!

  118. I am back after a long hiatus! :)
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year :)

  119. best of luck for your weight-loss program (if its real), extra kilos can be very bad for health too.

  120. You have been awarded !

    check my blog :)

  121. wish you a very happy and prosperous New year !!!!

  122. Haha such a funny post! Hows the weight loss coming along, it's been 3 and a half months! :)
    thank you for commenting my blog, and I'm sorry it took so long to comment you back!

  123. Hey thanks for dropping by and posting your comments on my blog :)
    i almost forgot about my blog and felt an immoderate desire to see how it looks and voila i saw some comments on it :)
    it made me feel real nice :)
    BTW i love the way you write it just flows so well !
    keep writing !

  124. Haridwar is a beautiful city and Har ki Pauri is a nice place to visit. I especially lovedits atmosphere at night. I though loved the temple of Mansadevi the most. The views from the top are enchanting.

  125. Nice pics with nice write up. Lossing wt is really difficult. But u can do it. :)
    Best wishes. :)

  126. hmm... nice post!
    Don't ever think to stop dream. Dream is start of reality. I hope you get all of your dream.

  127. Losing Weight!!! I've heard that before I think. Sometimes the best way of losing weight is to do the things u love, even if it dosent work at least you will enjoy things u love :-)

  128. have been there :( gaining and then putting on... and now tryin to lose it! its easier to lose a nerve than fat.. :P anyway, happy workin out...s

  129. Hey friend, have posted, come and see my new post on flowers here and please leave a comment. Your comments are important for me to keep my blog running.


  130. hi
    Hope soon you will start to post so we can enjoy your paintings as well as articles.

  131. fuck it...

    fat people rock...
    though i'm not fat...


  132. where have you disappeared? married!!!

  133. hey why have you stopped blogging.

  134. cool entry!!
    check out new stuff at my blog!!

  135. Workhard,

    While working to lose extra baggage,where have you also disappeared? Hope all is well. Please do let us know.

    Take care

  136. Your fat was good in one respect: It made you believe the law of karma :D

  137. Humourous writing.Thanks

  138. hey what happened, why have you stopped blogging, come on give me some creative excuse!

  139. You are so right! Always when somebody does something bad to me, I think at this and then I smile. I know very good that everything that goes around, will always come around..

  140. Workhard,

    I do not know about Fat but You have surely vanished. Hope all is well. When are you coming back?

    Take care

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  144. Hi work hard, how are you doing?

    I was going through the old blogs I used to read.. And its not good to see so many dormant blogs..

    How are you doing?


Hey, im very sensitive person, but i think i can handle anything:)